Pink is NOT a flavor!

Where will you find Lollipuff Cotton Candy?  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know where we’ll be next.  Right now we are traveling on weekends and spinning up fresh candy at local farmer’s markets, city celebrations, rodeo’s, concerts, school fundraisers and other events. You can view our calendar here.

Not only do we offer gourmet flavors, we also offer several flavors of cotton candy that are made with organic cane sugar that is flavored and colored naturally!  It’s a healthy treat option.  It’s also vegan, kosher and allergy free. Who knew….

organic cotton candy?!

We have over 40 Gourmet Flavors of Cotton Candy!  “What?! I thought there was only 1 flavor in pink or blue?”  Not with us!  Our Cotton Candy will be the most flavorful cotton candy you’ll ever eat!  You’ll never want to go back to the pink/blue stuff in a bag hanging from a dirty carnival truck.


We are the sweetest Cotton Candy Caterer in Utah!

Our Cotton Candy is made fresh and spun to order.  What this means is you’ll be able to pick your flavor and watch it be spun right before your eyes!  It’s so magical and the aroma is heavenly.  We spin it on our special machines that specialize in single serving cones.

Want us to come to you?  We are your Utah Cotton Candy Caterer!

The Lollipuff Stand is for hire.  Your guests will LOVE you forever!  Inquire here.

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